Building Peace is a living process: Conflict actors and stakeholders must be addressed and included, political and historical circumstances taken into account. Objectives and outcomes change and develop.  

In my consultancies I support NGO and donors in developing and evaluating their practice in Dealing with the Past. 

A professional historian, I am experienced in qualitative research and apt at turning research results into peacebuilding practice. I am trained in outcome-oriented project planning and evaluation and root my work in RPP and Do No Harm. 

Workshops & Training

Do you need to plan and conduct a cross-conflict-line dialogue event? Would you like to build trust and improve the relationships within your team?

Each Workshop or Training is planned carefully and designed individually to fit your goals and objectives. The participants are at the center of each event. Their biographical experience is used to explore and explain processes of conflict escalation and de-escalation. Building on their experiences, processes of reconciliation are initiated, using Storytelling and Oral History as tools. 

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Lectures & Talks

Would you like to learn more about the interrelations between conflict, history and memory? Do you need a lecturer or speaker for an upcoming event? I can design presentations, write papers, research and present any related topic, just for your purpose!

I speak freely in Russian, English and German and can find just the right words to address and intrigue the audience you would like to reach.

Interpreting & Translating

For cross-conflict-line dialogue events, the interpreter must be trustworthy, integrate easily into the group and be accurate with conflict sensitive topics and expressions. Peacebuilding and NGO work has its own vocabulary that's not so easy to translate into Russian. 

Professional training as a Slavist, years of interpreting experience and thorough knowledge of the post- soviet conflict settings enable me to help conflict parties understand each other better.