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In this section, I share working material and texts about my work.  If you use it, please quote me and indicate the source.

Impressions from Storytelling Workshop with Mote Oo

During our little workshop on June 6th and 7th 2019, we explored working with timelines, storytelling, conflict supporting narratives and other forms of Dealing with the Past. Gray Rhinehart took some inspiring fotos. 

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Which Past? Whose Justice?

In October 2017 I gave a presentation at the conference "The Politics of building peace in the region" organized by Forum ZFD in Sarajevo. Along with other contributions, my paper "Which Past? Whose Justice? Towards a broader approach to history and memory in conflict" can be found in the publication "Politics of building peace in the region: Burdens from the past and visions for the future"

Contribution to PeaceLab Blog

Together with my Colleague Beatrix Austin from the Berghof Foundation in November 2018 we published a contribution to the Peacelab Blog. In our article "Für pragmatische Ganzheitlichkeit: Geschichte und Erinnerung in der Konflikttransformation" we emphasized the necessity of a paradigm shift towards more holistic approaches to working with troubled pasts. 

Dialogue across Histories and Memories

In May 2018, together wth Marina Grasse, I facilitated a Workshop on History and Memories for the ARENA Network. To learn more about it, click here.

Lecture on Art and Peacebuilding

For the ARENA peacebuilding Network I gave a lecture at their annual summerschool in August 2018. It was organised by Peace Dialogue and OWEN. The power Point presentation I used can be found here.   

Facilitators Manual

As a Project Manager for the Berghof Foundation I developed, together with our team, a comprehensive methodology of conducting History Dialogue. It is described in the Manual "Changing the Past in our Heads" . For more Information about the History Dialogue Process, also see our "Dialogue Diary"  . 

Postcards across the divide

Linked to my work, I do a lot of travelling in conflict zones. Often, before I go, I feel nervous and insecure. But on arrival, I see that there is beauty, everywhere. Our perception is dominated by images of war and destruction and we cannot imagine that peace and contemplation exist all along. 

In my experience, that's also true for conflict parties. It's hard to imagine, that there is peace on the "Other Side". Therefore, I have started to compose little albums from my own fotos, that I take during my trips. With time, I started to make them into literal postcards.

Georgia proper and Abkhazia

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Sittwe, Rakhine State, Myanmar

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