Continuation of Storytelling Dialogue in Rakhine!

With „Shared experience – common values in Rakhine (Myanmar): Strengthening Inter Communal Cohesion in Rakhine State through Storytelling & Dialogue” PDI Kintha, Culture for Peace and inmedio have started a new Round of Storytelling work in Rakhine. Once again, ifa zivik is supporting us!

This time I received a Travel Authorization for Bu-May and we could conduct our cross-conflict-line training at Bu-May Education Center. Thanks to PDI Kinthas ongoing work in this community we started our project already at a high level of trust within the Rohingya community. As always it was a pleasure to co-facilitate the training with Hninyu Wai.

During this long workshop, trustbuilding elements, interactive exercises and input elements interchanged. It was very touching and powerful to see, how the relationships between participants became more trustful and friendly, day by day. The feedback was very positive and on the last day, one participant said: "Let's now share our optimism with our communities!"

This will happen in storytelling sessions in conflicted communities in and around Sittwe and Bu-May, conducted by our "old and new" facilitators. While some of the modules stay the same, new ones will also be developed. This time, all facilitators were trained together, so that we now have a common team of facilitators, working together!

I am looking forward to this new "season" of storytelling work! In October, we will exchange our experiences with the public and other CSO, working in Myanmar, during our Multistakeholder conference.  Until then, we have a lot of work to do!