This is the site of Dr. Andrea Zemskov-Züge.
My agency "Change of Perspective" delivers consultancy and training in the field of Dealing with the Past. 
I help to enhance the quality and effectiveness of initiatives tackling troubled pasts worldwide. In my workshops, conflict actors are empowered to exchange about their experiences across the conflict line. As a consultant I support local organisations and their international partners and supporters in developing and implementing effective, sustainable and practicable concepts of conflict transformation and violence prevention employing history and memories. 

Conflict and the Past

History and memory play a role in all phases of violent conflict: Historical images and narratives are used to mobilize for violence. “Inherited” or “chosen” trauma nurtures resentment. Conflict-supporting narratives de-humanize the opponents and create an obstacle to Dialogue and Reconciliation.

The good news: History and Memory can be used for setting up Dialogue and promoting Conflict Transformation at all stages of escalation. This is, what "Change of Perspective" stands for.